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Atlanta Constitution -
3 April 1875

Summary of State News

Irwinton- Mr. Ethel Ogburn of Wilkinson County, 70 years of age was ejected by a US Marshal an his goods thrown into the road.  The land was sold by the marshal and Ogburn refused to give possession.
 About four miles from this town, in a southwestern
direction, the skeletons of two human beings were found some time since, in
a situation and a position, which has convinced all who viewed the bones,
that they were the victims of vengeance of Judge Lynch. They were found
some distance from the road on a small stream of water, in a thicket, and
one of them when found had a rope around its neck, and was lying under a
tree, which was probably used for a gallows. The other one was probably
shot. Persons who have examined these skeletons are of the opinion that
they are the mortal remains of two negroes, who four or five years ago
committed an assault upon a widow and her daughters by the name of Kemp,
living near there, inflicting injuries upon one of them from which she has
never recovered. He struck her a severe blow on the head with a stick,
which so injured the nervous system that she now has frequent fits. These negroes were arrested and on the way to jail were intercepted near this place by unknown parties, and the negroes taken from him. Since that day nothing has been heard of them, and the finding of these bones probably explains the mystery that has enshrouded their fate.


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